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For more than 30 years, Mr. Rodney Rodgers has been involved with sales and service of church organs throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma. As president of Church Organ Gallery, which opened its doors in May 2000 in Plano, he has overseen the expansion of a second location in Spring (near Houston) that serves the South Texas area. Church Organ Gallery is the exclusive local representative of both Rodgers organs and Ruffati Pipe Organ Builders. Both companies build products that are known throughout the world for artistic superiority and lasting value.

Church Organ Solutions is the exclusive local representative of Rodgers Instruments, Johannus Organs, and Fratelli Ruffati Pipe Organ Builders. All three companies build products that are known throughout the world for their artistic superiority and lasting value. The diversified knowledge of the Church Organ Solutions staff, having over thirty years of experience in the organ industry, can assist you in the design and planning of a digital, hybrid, or full pipe organ instrument. 
About Church Organ Solutions
The philosophy of Church Organ Solutions is focused on understanding the unique needs and desires of each individual customer. Successful organ design includes developing a full understanding of the ideas and worship style of church congregations, a thorough knowledge of the space the organ will occupy, expertise in evaluating the acoustics of the building, and an appreciation for its unique architecture so that the organ will become a fully integrated part of the place where it is played. Mr. Rodgers has built an organization and staff that offers a full range of expertise in all areas of organ design, installation, and service.

Church Organ Solutions is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each client through our attention to quality and detail in every aspect of an organ commission. In our view, each organ installation is the beginning of a lasting relationship built on a deep understanding of the individual needs, desires, and approaches to worship and musical performances.

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