Church Organ Solutions

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180 Industrial Blvd, Suite V, McKinney, TX 75069 

From traditional mechanical action organs to highly developed and efficient electro-pneumatic action organs to all-electric action organs, we offer custom tonal and architectural design, meticulously handmade pipes, superior quality materials, fine woodworking and exquisite craftsmanship to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. Whether the installation is in a private home, a church or temple, a college or university, or a concert hall, Ruffatti quality and attention to detail remains constant.

The organ world is comprised of many different schools of thought and many histories. It is a rare company that can encompass the best of it all, yet this is our goal.

From simple beginnings five centuries ago came the sweet sounds of our Italian organs. Over the years, we refined those sounds and added a variety of others from different parts of Europe. The world discovered us in 1966, when we discovered America. Famous now in that most international of countries, our firm is becoming the new international standard of excellence among pipe organ manufacturers. Shouldering that responsibility with pride, we feel that Fratelli Ruffatti truly belongs to and embraces the world.

The Ruffatti Story